27 mars 2012

Treasure Boats - the Exhibition!

Once upon a time we were asked by BIGKidsMagazine if we could make some boats for them. And so we did, kids from near and far built their ships and sent them out on a long journey, all the way to Australia. On their way they met sharks and pirates, but all survived the thrills and came safe to the destination, apart from one that apperently sunk in Davy Jones' locker. 
These ships were carrying treasures only kids can find.  Gold for homeless kids, plastic diamonds, pipe cleaners, a pair of new scissors and pearls for mom. They sparkle and shine, just like the kids that built them. 
Now the new issue of BIGKidsMagazine is finally out in the shops, and we are sailing in it! The magazine is sold in Australia in these shops, and can be bought online here. It looks like an issue filled with treasures, and I am looking forward to holding it in my hand. 
Thank you everybody that took part of this great adventure and built a boat. But now, ship ahoy, let's sail away on the seven seas!

My treasure boat is magical. It can fly and row by itself. Ladybird and bee are sailing on the boat with their treasure box. There is all kinds of treasures in the the box – rocks, seashells and plastic diamonds.
By Maippu age 5
Sailing form: Jyväskylä, Finland
The pirate captain Emma sails her boat on holiday to the beach and the jungle. She has gold and silver on board, but no water and no food. Only plates. And a fake shark to scare off other fish.
by Emma age 4
sailing form: Malmö, Sweden
The pirate captain sails a party boat which he made for the fish from all the treasures he found. The fish have fun, eat candy and dance under the disco ball.
by: Kalle age 4
sailing form: Malmö, Sweden
This is our pirate ship. We are the pirate family. Our boat is called The Cat. We hunt for money, so we can buy ourselves lots of nice things. We like to be pirates together.
by Fe, 4 years
sailing from Helsinki, Finland.
My children wanted pirates treasure boat.
We're on the seaside, so we used things we found on the beach: sea shells, sticks and stones.
By Kuba age 5, and Lidia age 3,5
sailing form Dziwnow, Poland
It is a pirate boat, on which it is a pirate. The treasure is some pearls and some of those pipe cleaners, in glittery colors.
Sailing from The land of Barbie and the city "Barbie-land-boat" and it is on it's way to the Pirate city.
Emelia age 7
sailing form Gråbo, Sweden
It is a pirate boat that my dad is driving. The propellers are treasures that they have found. It has a engine so it goes forward.
Sailing from the superman-country, from the city Krejskajer.
Agaton age 4
sailing form Gråbo, Sweden
Mario has decided that his sea is red (Mario´s favourite color) as well as the boat´s deck. Of course, it has a big sail in blue, cut with his brand new toddler´s scissors. He was very sure of the treasure´s contents: his new scissors, colour pencils and Lighting Mac Queen with Buzz Lightyear!
Mario age 3.
sailing from Madrid, Spain
The Blue Trireme is sailing home from Timbuktu carrying 3000 pounds of antique buttons for my collection. 
Hood #1 (age 14):
sailing form Cape Town, South Africa

The Blistering Barnacle sailed home from Rotostrophi the ship was laden with gold bullion for all the homeless kids.
Hood #2 (age 12):
sailing form Cape Town, South Africa

The ship, The Camouflage, has sailed home from Venezuela packed with Indian spices for the king.
Hood #3 (age 10):
sailing form Cape Town, South Africa

The Black King sailed from New Zealand, carrying pearls home for my mother.
Hood #4 (age 8):
sailing form Cape Town, South Africa

My ship, the Buon Appetito, came home from Hawaii laden with pizzas for all our citizens.
Hood #5 (age 7):
sailing form Cape Town, South Africa

The ship, The Slithery, sailed home from the Island of Tarn, laden with boxes of treasure for my friend.
Hood #6 (Age 5):
sailing form Cape Town, South Africa

The Mouse is sailing home from deepest Africa, carrying necklaces for all the girls on the boat!!!
Hood #7 (age 4):
sailing form Cape Town, South Africa

Me ship is called: Me Dog... and it is carrying biscuits from faraway for Me Dog...
Hood #8 (age 2):
sailing form Cape Town, South Africa

The man sailed off to find treasure and one day said, "Do you think I should spend my riches?" He talked to his mate and they decided to spend it on more treasure.
by Lily, age 5,
Sailing form: Nashville, United States
Our boat is called the Brice, it has a mermaid on it and likes sailing in the bathtub. Inside the boat is a treasure of a golden necklace, a golden pirate and a golden ring.
By Jude age 3
Sailing form: Baltimore, Maryland USA

My treasure boat has a heart compass to guide the way, and we are going to look for treasure around the coast of east Africa.
by Elly age 9
sailing from: International Falls, Minnesota, USA

My cruise ship is going to Hawaii, where we will meet up with family for a vacation. Family is the true treasure.
by: Katy age 11
sailing from: International Falls, Minnesota, USA

The boat has a crocodile on the side.
By Emma age 2,5
sailing from Fällforsån, Sweden

The ship has a trampoline so the pirates can swim. The treasures they are looking for are hair, or thieves they can eat. They fight with swords. The ship’s name is Julia Charlotte Tyra Johansson.
By Julia age 4,5
sailing from Fällforsån, Sweden

The captain is Maiken. The pirates dug in the sand with swords and found a treasure in the sea full of sharks in Uptien. They are going to sell the treasure to a bankpirate they saw on a piece of paper.
By Maiken age 4
sailing form Vännäsby, Sweden

The Blind Eye once sailed the seas of Eye Blind. They were searching for the treasure of Blind Eye - the pirate. The boat was sailing along and an killer whale attacked it. The ship sunk down to Davy Jones locker and they were never seen again.
by Adam age 6
Sailing form Seattle, USA

All the animals are sailing to find diamonds, so we can hang them in our Christmas tree.
By Agnes age 5
Sailing from Copenhagen, Denmark

This is a fast boat.
By Leo age 2
Sailing from Copenhagen, Denmark

This is our pirate airship "Dziagudugu". Our family is the crew of "Dziagudugu", we are all pirates! Yo ho ho and a bottle of raspberry juice! :) Our most precious treasure is our family and the time that we spend together in our ship looking for adventures.
by Stefan age 3 and Jadzia 10 months old
sailing form Warsaw, Poland

The name of the ship is "Kasvisbåt" (vegetable ship). On board the ship are treasures of a princess and a queen. The ship is taking the treasures to the grandmothers house and the treasures are originally found from a magnificent plant. The ship itself can run, fly and dive. The flowers on board are laughing happily.
By K age almost 3
Sailing form: Helsinki, Finland

A eats the mast of the boat and tells "Hnghäh!" - I think that's what the treasure is called. While I asked the name of the ship, she replied "ätä", which means in her language mother.
By A age 1
Sailing form: Helsinki, Finland
I made a list of ALL the treasure in the world, some is pirate treasure, some is my treasure and some is the Earth's treasure then I went on a BIG treasure hunt to find it all.
By: Ebi-kun age 61/2
Sailing form: Saitama, Japan
We thought the inside of the milk bottle was shining as a treasure, so we put it inside/out and left it open so the boat could contain the treasure: sweets. In the house and in the garden Samuel found several treasures: two candles (left since Christmas), a piece of the broken red watering can and three screws. Samuel wanted the treasure boat to be red (he said with sparkling eyes) and he decorated it himself. It also needed wings (he said with conviction!) While he was painting, he was looking for the letters he could recognize on the old newspaper that protected the table. We had
the idea to cut some out to write the boat's name. "Trésor" for Treasure, in French.
By Samuel age 3 1/2
Sailing from Antananarivo, Madagascar
My boat
I made a very fast steam pirate boat that is sailing from Australia to find the treasure. There is steam coming from the smoke stack and a pirate flag to show it's a Pirate Ship.
by Curtis age 5
sailing from Jervis Bay, Australia
The old steam boat
My boat is sailing form Australia to Paris. I have a scary pirate flag stuck to the front, a steam stack and colourful decorations all over.
by Ruby 7 years old
sailing from Jervis Bay, Australia
Her treasure: an adventurous ride with wild vikings
by: Selma Evalotta age 4
sailing from: Geringswalde, Germany,

24 mars 2012

Skattstenar / Treasure stones

Till A's skattjakt skulle barnen hitta spännande skattstenar. Dessa falska stenar gjorda av trolldeg, sand och kaffesump innehöll till deras stora förtjusning ett liten plastdjur. Jag hittade recept på dem bla. här.
2,5 dl kaffesump
2,5 dl mjöl
1,2 dl salt
0,5 dl sand
ca 2 dl vatten
små skatter i plast, keramik, metall
Blanda de torra ingredienser i en skål, och blanda i vattnet, lite i gången, tills du har en seg deg. Dela degen i bitar, jag fick 10 mindre stenar av detta. Rulla varje bit till en rund boll, och tryck en fördjupning i mitten. Placera en liten skatt i fördjupningen, och täck över med lite deg, och forma den till en sten. Torka stenarna i  3-4 dagar i rumstemperatur, eller i ugnen på 150 grader i ca 30 min, och låt svalna, och torka ytterligare tills ytan är hård. 
Göm stenarna, och låt barnen hitta dem. Man kan bryta upp stenarna med bara händerna,eller använda verktyg som en hammare. 

For A's treasure hunt they found treasure stones. These fake stones made from salt dough, sand and used coffe contained to their surprise small plastic animals. I found the recepie here, and other places aswell.
2,5 dl used coffee grounds
2,5 dl flour
1,2 dl salt
0,5 dl sand
ca. 2 dl water
small treasures in plastic, ceramics or metal
Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl, and add the water, little at the time, until you have a tough dough. Divide the dough in smaller parts, I got 10 small stones out of it. Roll one to a ball, and make a hole. Place a treasure in the middle, and cover it with a piece of dough and form to a stone. Dry the stones for 3-4 days in room temperature, or in the owen for 30 minutes at 150 degrees C, and let cool down and dry for a day more until the crust is hard. 
Hide the stones and let the kids find them. You can break the stones with your hands, or use a tool like a hammer.

23 mars 2012

Skattjakt för 6-åringar / Treasure hunt for 6 year olds

Skattjakten på A's födelsedagskalas började vid fiskdammen. En favorit från i fjol, men utan godispåsar denna gången. Alla barnen fick istället i tur och ordning fiska upp olika verktyg som de skulle behöva senare i skattjakten, blandat med gamla skor och cykelslangar. Till sist fiskade upp en flaskpost, med en riktig sjörövar karta i. Och jakten kunde börja!

The treasure hunt at A's birthday party started at the fish pond. This was a success from last year, but this time without the sweet bags. Instead they all got to, one at the time, fish up different tools they would use later in the hunt, among other things like old shoes or bike tires. The last one fished a bottle post with a real treasure map in. And the hunt was on!

The Treasure Map

Första posten de hittade var ballonger som jag hade proppat små chokladpåskägg in i, innan jag blåse upp dem. De hade fiskat upp spikar i fiskdammen, och skulle använda dem till att pricka sönder ballongerna med, och fånga påskäggen.

The first post was balloons, filled with small chocolate easter eggs, which I had put inside before blowing the balloon. In the fish pond they had got nails they now used for smashing the balloons, to get to the eggs.

Andra posten var skattstenar som var gömda omkring i ett hörn av gården. Skattstenarna kunde brytas upp, och inuti hade jag gömt små plastfigurer. Mer om stenarna i detta inlägg.

The second post was treasure stones, hid around in a corner of the yard. They could be broken, and inside I had hid small plastic toys. I will tell you more about the stones in this post.

Tredje posten var att gräva efter chokladguldmynt i sandlådan, med spadarna som de fiskade upp tidigare. 

The third post was digging for gold, I had hid chocolate coins in the sand pit. Here they used shovels they had got before.

Fjärde och sista posten var att hitta skattkistan nere i källaren med hjälp av ficklampa. Till deras stora glädje var kistan full med mindre pappersaskar innehållande godispåse och såpbubblor. 

The fourth and last post was finding the treasure chest in our basement, lighting their way with flashlights, one of the tools. To their great joy the chest was filled with smaller boxes with sweets and soap bobles.

Efter att de ätit sitt godis, kunde de klistra klistermärken på deras pappersask. Jag hade köpt ett gäng billiga askar, som vi målade i guld och svart innan.
Skattjakten fungerade riktigt fint, och barnen var jätteduktiga att läsa kartan och förstå vad de skulle göra. En stor succé.

After they had eaten their sweets, they could choose to decorate their own box with stickers. I had bought cheap paper boxes, and we had pre-painted them gold and black.
The treasure hunt worked very well, and the kids were super good to read the map and understand what they were suppost to do. A great success.

22 mars 2012

Barnkalas / Kids party

A bjöd 7 av sina vänner på barnkalas. Det var full fart i de 3 timmar kalaset varade, och de hade mycket roligt. Vi serverade fruktfat och glass som de fick dekorera med olika strössel, jordgubbssylt och chokladsås.
Och för att hålla dem borta från vår säng som fungerade som studsmatta hade vi skattjakt i gården. Mer om skattjakten här.

A had invited 7 of her friends to her birthdayparty. It was a fun and very load party. We served them fruitsticks and ice cream they decorated with multicoloured sprinkles, strawberry jam and chocolate sauce. 
To keep the off our bed that was functioning as a trampoline, we had arranged a treasure hunt in the backyard. More about the treasure hunt here.

Födelsedags firande / Birthday celebrations

Länge sen sist! Ibland har man bråttom med annat än bloggen! Bland annat har vi firat 6 års dag för vår stora-lilla A i dagarna 3 här hemma. Pust och stön.
Till familje-kaffedorian ville hon ha, utöver födelsedagstårtan med strössel på, en chokladkaka, som hon dekorerade själv med kakglasyr-pennor i alla färger. Tjusig kaka.

Long time no see! Sometimes life keeps you busy with other things than blogging. Like celebrating our big-little A´s 6th birthday for 3 days in a row. That was a bit much.
For the family party she want to have a chocolate cake, which she got to decorate herself with cake glazing pens in every colour of the rainbow. Beautiful cake.