29 maj 2010

Last call for entries - Shoebox house

Remember to enter our exhibition "Shoebox house" at lilla a! See more here.

Deadline for entries will be on Monday May 31th.

Opening of the exhibiton will be June 2nd.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Kuvat on kamerassa, kunhan huomenna saan ne purettua ja laitettua tulemaan :)

  2. As it is Annabel`s birthday tomorrow, we have been very busy. But on monday we will have plenty of time to make shoebox house and send you the photos :)

  3. Riikka: :) Kiitos!
    mermaid: I hope Annabel had a great birthday!

  4. Oh no. I was just talking to my girls about making a shoebox house at lunch. We are so behind - we will do our best to make one for tomorrow and hope that you will be able to add it?